Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Flying breadbox

Well, this is pretty funny. British Airways is running an ad campaign saying they found a star baker with a "secret recipe" to keep rolls fresh at 30,000 feet. (BTW, those are BA's rendering of dinner-roll clouds above, not Post Honey Bunches or peanut clusters)

Wow!  A couple of things:

1. The fact that they are trying to lure you aboard their planes with the promise of fresh dinner rolls is, to a baking enthusiast like myself, nothing short of fantastic. Bizarre, when you consider all the other facets of flying, but fantastic. As I wrote in the May issue of Saveur, the revolution has arrived.

2. Big deal. It's a challenge keeping bread fresh in a plane? Planes are kept extraordinarily dry (to keep rust at bay) and cool. Kind of like...hmm...what's the best analogy I can come up with... oh, like a breadbox! Really, a plane is really a flying breadbox. In fact, you may well feel like you've locked in a breadbox after an 8-hour flight to London.

So my note to British Airways. Thanks for thinking about the bread, but let me know when you've accomplished a really challenging feat -- like keep bread fresh for more than 4 hours in a New York August! (And putting my bags on the same plane as me.)

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