Friday, April 6, 2012

Special Holiday Edition: Highlights from The Bread Doctor

In recognition of the special role that bread plays in Easter and Passover (think "matzo"), I'm publishing selected questions I've received recently on the Ask the Bread Doctor feature of my website, Feel free to chime in with your own answers -- most of these questions have stumped The Doctor!

Dear Bread Doctor,
Whenever I make Greek Easter bread, I add the dyed red, hard boiled eggs when shaping the loaves during the 2nd rising and what always happens is that the egg in the middle drops down into the loaf.
 I suggested that she insert a chicken instead, to delay the placement of the egg into the loaf. (She was not amused)

Dear Bread Doctor,
What happens when you leave a wet bread outside the window and describe the process.
 The birds eat it? The larger question is, why would someone be leaving wet bread outside a window???

Dear Doctor,
What is the correct quantity of preservative in 100kg flour?
Dear Reader: 0 kg.

(By the way, for you non-metric folks, 100kg is 220 pounds). Find out what commercial bakery would be asking advice from me....and avoid it!

Dear Doctor,
We own a large pizza franchise....
I really thought Herman Cain had enough on his hands back when this question came in without worrying about his pizza crust.

and my favorite...

Dear Doctor,
Getting readership on the internet is tuff enough without abusing the few you have.
No argument there!

But thanks, everyone, for the questions. Some are really fantastic! Keep those cards and letters coming!

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