Friday, July 23, 2010

52 Loaves now available on Kindle

Finally...52 Loaves is available on Kindle, and coming very, very soon (maybe even by the time you've read this) to Nook, iBook, and Sony.

Thanks for your patience, all you e-readers!


  1. Bought the book before I knew there was a Kindle version coming. But I still love REAL books. You Can't build a 66 pound break bookshelf with a Kindle.

    My first loaf of 52 Loaves bread:

  2. Read 52 LOAVES about a month ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. I think there is something elemental about bread, so I was glad to have a book about it that is not just recipes. I have started doing the "no-knead" NYT bread, adding rosemary from my garden, and am very pleased. So far, I am just one Romertopf down, but since it was a yard sale item, my losses are far outweighed by my victories. I'm going to expand my range now that I can reliably produce the "no-knead" and am interested in the bread you describe in the book. I really like the cast iron dutch oven technique, so I hope to be able to continue with that. I have also picked up a crock pot liner about 8 inches in diameter and 8 inches tall. I'm going to try that with an aluminum foil lid. Off to the kitchen to experiment! Thanks. And that loaf referenced in the preceeding comment does look nice!

    Bill Bush



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