Wednesday, June 2, 2010

52 Loaves makes NPRs top 15 books of summer list!

This might be preaching to the choir, but I'm pleased to announce that the book that inspired this blog, 52 Loaves, has just been chosen as one of NPR's 15 "soaring summer reads."

As a bonus, for those of you not yet in the choir, they've printed an excerpt of my wheat harvest adventure. Enjoy...


  1. A note from the choir: congratulations! :) Well deserved, too.

  2. My favorite grace:

    Back of the bread is the snowy flour.
    Back of the flour is the mill.
    Back of the mill is the wheat and the shower,
    the sun and the Father's will.

  3. Sort of stumbled on the book - I think a recommend on Amazon - couldn't put it down as we share an ob session - LOL! Wonderful read, great bread - an inspiration as I have a levain of about 12 weeks that I started before finding your book and a bucket of hard red wheat I grind in a burr coffee mill, a cup at a time.



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