Sunday, April 11, 2010

You Want Mice With that Pizza?

So, winter's over and it's time, I figured, to So, winter's over and it's time, I figured, to pull the tarp off the clay bread oven I built in my garden (with assistance from number-one son), build a good fire, and make some pizza. Never got past step one: seems the oven has acquired some tenants  -- make that squatters -- over the winter. The back of the oven is dominated by a huge mouse nest, complete with mice. Could be worse. Last year is was wasps. Maybe next year it'll be foxes. Foxes are cool.

(Footnote: I made pizza indoors; the mice should be moving on shortly).


  1. So glad you let them move on by themselves! I wouldn't have the heart to evict a mom & her babies, even if they are mice. :D

    Great blog, btw - was reading your post about this on The Fresh Loaf. Been wanting to start a blog myself - reading your blog, well, you're giving me inspiration to get off my duff and do it (well, technically, I'd still be on my duff, but I think you know what I mean.

  2. "Maybe next year it'll be foxes."

    Yummmmm! Baked fox tail!



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