Friday, February 5, 2010

The Sound of Flour

A photographer came over for a photo shoot this week, and after shooting about a thousand photos, wanted to record the sounds of bread making as well. "I want to capture the sound of flour," she said.

"Artists!" I muttered to myself. If there's one activity that's silent, it's bread making. Except, as it turns out,  it's not. Once I started to listen, the sounds of flour becoming bread became deafening: whipping fresh flour into the starter; the creaking of the oven door; the hiss of steam, the scraping sound of a finished loaf sliding off the peel; the crunch of eating a slice.

Even, yes, the sound of flour -- as it fell into the mixing bowl. Listen to your next loaf of bread; it has much to say to you.


  1. Hi - so happy to find that you have a blog, and so amazed that I can just write you a note and that you might actually read it. I just finished The $64 Tomato - loved it, and am hunkering down for a foot of snow in Philadelphia tonight with your Leek Potato Soup recipe. Neither leeks nor potatoes came from my garden, but I'm giving it a go. Bread making...that's really an endeavor. I'll be putting your new book on my list! Thanks for all the great stories.

  2. So much fun reading 52 Loaves. And the blog. So happy to know that I am not the only one obsessed about bread!



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